Fall winter collection 2019 -One planet - different winter

The Fall Winter 2019 collection is about Kinestetic, a very active hero who loves to travel around the world living lots of adventures: from skiing in Italy where is winter now to join Brasil where is high surfing season. And not for nothing this season claim is: “one planet - different winter” because a wide range special prints come out on the clothes and lead us around the globe. Everything is possible for Mumofsix’ kids: look at the special graphic with the “robot” on the surf, but with the snowflake in the hand!

With a playful touch, Mumofsix FW19 collection is a tribute to all children, their unique sense of style, creativity and dynamic nature. Each garment is built with the highest respect towards age-specific features of motion and anatomy of toddlers, little ones, teenagers and youngsters; no matter how old your kid is or what kind of activity is chosen MUMOFSIX provides perfect uniform to feel nimble, spry and substantive.