Spring summer collection 2020 -All skin tones are beautiful

MUMOFSIX Spring Summer 2020 collection is called: “All skin tones are beautiful” and is driven by the love for kids from all over the world. 

The collection is colorful, fun and it takes inspiration from an international style. Each garment is built with unconventional fabrics and charachterized by illustrations that resemble modern paint masterpieces. Some prints, as the circle hands, evoke the brushes of a multi ethnical dance.

Main colors are skin nuances: from the palest pink to the darkest mogany, some bold colors aren’t missing: as bright green and vibrant blue. On this colorful textures peek out MUMOFSIX heroes: little doodles that give a pop twist to the collection. 

Smart design and witty cutting provide free motion, actually “all skin tones are beautiful” collection encourages kids to feel free and to explore the whole world in style.