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Stella Aminova, as mother of six children is using her undoubtful experience to make the parents’ lives easier. Stella is by no means a pioneer of kids’ fashion. Having developed a trendy boutique for kids called Five Kids for three years she decided that it was time to take her gained experiences in both motherhood and retail to the next level and create her own line of children’s wear MUMOFSIX. Stella managed to put together a whole team of trained professionals in order to create a collection of garments for active children aimed at developing their creativity through transforming elements and playful design.


Our ideology is aimed at creating well-informed designs with regards to Stella’s knowledge while providing comfort for the kids. Some adults forgot how fun it is to be a child, that is definitely not us. Playfully combining simple geometric shapes with bold colours, MUMOFSIX doesn’t play by the rules, just like the kids themselves. Wide range of designs and silhouettes, elements of transformation, the possibility to combine the garments from different collections as well as the highest quality make the wearing process of our clothes not only creative, but long-lasting.


All of the designs are developed and brought to life in Russia according to the highest production standards, while the fabrics are imported from the best factories of Italy. Apart from our creative approach to design, we also love to experiment with various sawing and print application techniques. The technical side of the process is thoroughly thought through, from fabrics to a unique method of inside seam treatment that provides the highest quality and aesthetics of each garment.We do our best to make sure that our contemporary approach to design goes hand in hand with forward-thinking production technologies.


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